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Roasted: "These leggings are from Montreal-based Svelte and are really great and comfortable. They made me feel, well, svelte, and I pulled out a clingy top that I hadn’t worn for years. I don’t want to wear stuff that makes me feel self-conscious because that just is a terrible feeling. I want my clothing to make me feel fabulous and ready to take on the world. They have a little shape wear top that’s perfect if I need/want a little bit of a confidence boost."
Fifty Not Frumpy: "I love the way they fit and flatter my figure! They are well worth the investment."

 Lipgloss and Crayons: "these leggings? A must buy.  Seriously. Svelte sent them over, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m about to order three more pairs.  Svelte is a shapewear company……and I was totally skeptical.  Most leggings that hide bumps and bulges are also SUPER uncomfortable.  So, I figured a day with Lydia was the ultimate test.  These leggings surpassed the test….they are amazingly flexible……and extremely comfortable.  Plus, they’re a pretty good deal if you ask me!"







Wardrobe Oxygen:" These leggings from Svelte are nice; the double-knit ponte maintains opacity even when stretched and the built in tummy tucking panel keeps things smooth.  I’ve washed these leggings multiple times and they maintained their color without a single pill or fuzz ball.  If you’re considering them, I recommend if you’re between sizes go down since the quality material and construction prevents all the issues with most leggings. "





Carrie Bradshaw Lied:"I must also share that these leggings are my new lifeline.  They are made of extremely durable and thick while flattering fabric that also has a tummy control panel.  I love them so much I could marry them.  I’ve been wearing them at least once a week and love how comfortable and sleek they are. I seriously should just go ahead and throw all of my other leggings in the trash because these are 800x more flattering."







Prairie girl in the city:"These uber comfy pants by Svelte are perfect for my day to day life at home.  They come with a built in shaper that helps give my tummy a smoother look."








Le Cahier











Lush to Blush





 Why girls are weird: "Enter Svelte – form fitting clothing created to help you look and feel your best. From shape wear leggings, tank tops, shorts, and skirts Svelte has got you covered. The ready to wear clothing shapes to your body with a 4-way stretch spandex panel. Not only does it work but it’s also comfortable and oh so cute. I wore these leggings all day long – hanging out around the house, going out on a date with Izzy, taking the dogs for a walk. I did it all and felt both beautiful and comfortable. 

I may not be great with change but it has to happen, and Svelte is here to help with your ever changing body needs, for your comfort, keeping you looking great each day."



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