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The new way to wear shapewear

Shapewear and body shapers have been around for centuries, and have taken many different forms. Often though, this shapewear has ranged from mildly to very uncomfortable, and has been built with to sculpt and modify the female body to fit beauty standards. A great example of this would be Kim Kardashian’s recent confession to wearing not one, but 2 layers of shapewear under her skintight clothing. Lauren Valenti from Marie Claire tried the technique and admitted she loved the effect but: « I didn't eat in the Spanx, but I imagine polishing off a larger meal would have been damn near impossible. Elegance is refusal, I suppose.” Both women look gorgeous in their dresses, but were 2 layers of uncomfortable shapewear...

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Back to basics: why cotton leggings are the best

Brands are constantly coming up with new fabrics to make their leggings tighter, more comfortable, stretchier etc… Entire lines of performance leggings are created with the goal of keeping you comfortable and increasing your physical performance. Research is done to create new and optimized fabrics. But what happened to good old cotton? Don’t get us wrong, many of these fabrics are amazing, we aren’t against the use of synthetic fibers in leggings, but sometimes progress makes us forget the natural resources we have at our disposition too. No, cotton cannot replace fibers like nylon, rayon, and spandex. But here are a few things we’ve all forgotten cotton leggings do as well: Cotton leggings are breathable. Many fabrics are developed in...

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Smooth is the new slim: how women are wearing their shapewear differently

Daniel C Sims / Getty Images Skinny is out. The fashion industry is slowly but surely showing curvier women and finally giving into the body-positive movement. Owning your curves, accepting and loving your body are all things women are encouraged to do more and more. And as they do, shapewear changes with them. Most of us picture Spanx or some equally tight and uncomfortable apparatus when we think of shapewear. Shapewear in the past was made to sculpt your figure, it was a body shaper made to make you look smaller. But there are actually many different types of shapewear, and they’re not all uncomfortable or made to bend your body into shapes it doesn’t usually take. Shapewear can vary...

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5 reasons why shapewear leggings are the new jeans

In the last year Denim sales have dipped 8% according to market research NPD while ‘atheisure’ wear sales have increased 6% in 2013 according to fashion data company Edited. Leggings aren’t just for the gym anymore, many women have started wearing them for everyday tasks. Here are the top 5 reasons why more and more women are choosing shapewear leggings over jeans:

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