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Denim shopping: find the right fit for your body type

Jeans shopping is such a drag. You spend several hours trying on many different cuts and styles, not always finding any you like and potentially leaving the store feeling self-conscious. Flattering jeans can make you look amazing and feel confident while keeping you comfortable. They go with almost everything you own and look great dressed up or down. Basically, every woman needs a pair of jeans (or several!) in her wardrobe that fit just right.

Jeans are tricky to buy, but here’s our guide to denim shopping that will help you select the right cut depending on your body type. If you’re not sure what body type you are, check out our article about it, and find yours!

For straight body types:

  • Skinny jeans will show off your beautiful figure and accentuate your legs. You can choose high-rise to make your legs look even longer or low-rise if you would like to make your legs looks more proportional. Either way this cut will accentuate your athletic figure.
  • Bootcut jeans are a great cut for those ladies that have trouble finding tighter fitting jeans, those that prefer a looser cut or those that want to create some curves.
  • Slim cut jeans will run larger in the thigh and calf area, while fitting well around your more square hips. This cut will show off your legs while emphasizing your hips.
  • Boyfriend jeans are a great casual option. Their looser fit will contrast with your straight silhouette and offer a trendy yet comfortable look.

For pear body types:

  • Bootcut or flare jeans will help balance out your proportions, subtly camouflaging the difference between your hips and calves to create more even legs.
  • Slimcut jeans will make your legs look longer without drawing attention to your hips and thighs. They flatter your silhouette and show off your legs. If you’re really looking to elongate your gams pick a longer inseam and pair your jeans with some heels!
  • Mid-rise jeans will always be the most flattering, whatever the cut. They won’t cut you off at your widest, like low-rise jeans, but won’t shorten your legs like high-rise jeans.

Oval or round

  • Straight leg jeans will show off your assets without making you too middle heavy. This cut will elongate your legs while staying loose around the tummy area, giving you a great fit.
  • Skinny jeans can seam intimidating to those of us who feel self-conscious about their midsection, but they will hold you in nicely and elongate your legs. Chose a waistband that hits just blow your belly button so that your jeans will offer you a little extra support.
  • Flared jeans will take the focus off your mid-section by creating a curvy silhouette. The extra fabric at the calves will make your thighs and tummy look more proportional.


  • Skinny jeans will show off your amazing proportions. Hugging your curves, this cut will accentuate your waist, hips and legs. For an even more dramatic effect, chose a skinny jean with a high waist, and pair them with a close cut top.
  • Straight cut jeans will even out your proportions and elongate yours legs. They will hug you in all the right places, highlighting your silhouette without exaggerating it.
  • Flare jeans will enhance your small waist and great silhouette. Avoid low-rise, as they cut you off at the hips, hiding your great waist.
  • Boyfriend jeans will hang elegantly on your hips, showing off your waist and legs.

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